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      In 1994 we purchased the Steenstra Cookie Co. of Hudsonville, MI. With the purchase came the name, the secret recipe and history of quality baking that is alive yet today. At that time the bakery was producing several varieties of cookies but the mainstay of the business was the Steenstra’s Santa Claus Cookies. In 1995 we moved the baking production from Henry St. in Hudsonville to a modern very up to date bakery on Lawndale in Hudsonville.

     Unique cookies, or as the new company name says Cookies Unique, began in late 2006 when at a meeting planning the February 2007 Grand Opening of the new DeVos Place Convention Center in the heart of Grand Rapids, Michigan, Ambassador Peter Secchia stated his desire to have these windmill cookies with the DeVos name on them. I went right to work on the idea and as the Grand Rapids Business Journal, Street Talk, quoted; “Is there a market for designer cookies.”

    Our next project was some cookies with the name MEIJER on them for the 10th anniversary of the Meijer Botanical Gardens and Sculpture Park. This was also a great success and the word was out that designer cookies were unique, delicious and that there truly is a market for them.

    Since our two donated introductions we have begun marketing unique cookies, under the name of Cookies Unique LLC. We bake cookies with a company logo on the cookie and a company message on the box. We bake cookies for a major hotel, a bank, a truck parts business, a convention bureau, special events and the list continues to grow. You too will find our cookies enjoyable, promotional, and a great value.

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