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Saturday, November 10, 2007

My Favorite Cookie

Can you buy Steenstra's Almond St. Claus Cookies where you live?
If not, I feel sad for you.
These happen to be the very best store bought cookie in the entire known world, in my humble opinion.
No. Really.
They are made in Hudsonville, MI. Where, by the way, my very favorite ice cream is made. I will have to extol the virtues of that on an entirely separate post.
I am happy to report that not one of my living family members drew breath on a day when these cookies did not exists.
That thought comforts me.
Now, I must tell you that there are five different shapes of cookie in each box.
I prefer to eat only these two shapes.
The "St. Claus on a horse" and "Boy and Girl" who, it says on the box, love to receive presents.

Ever since I was a very small child, this is precisely what 'cookie' meant to me.
My mom likes to tell me that at a very young age I informed her when she gave me 'a' cookie that I had 'two hands!'
I also removed St. Claus from the horse, as I always wanted a horse for myself. I still do that.
The horse is actually quite fun to play with.
Baby Boy likes it too.

I cannot eat the boy and girl without first separating them.
Never could. Never would.
Now, I eat the girl and allow Baby Boy to nibble at the boy.
If you are thinking - 'oh! we have those! they are called windmill cookies!' you are WRONG. These are most assuredly NOT windmill cookies, although there IS a windmill in the package (because St. Claus lives in a windmill). These are St. Claus Cookies!!

There exists much debate about whether or not these cookies are best eaten dry, or dunked. My advice is, IF you choose to dunk, dunk fast. Unless you like slimy sludge at the bottom of your cup.
My grandma used to let me have coffee just so I could dunk them.

And, if by some chance you do not eat them all, they do photograph nicely!

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