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Product Name: Steenstra's Almond St. Claus Cookies
Product Code:  0 4306132845 4
FDA Status: This product is manufactured in accordance with current good manufacturing practices promulgated under the "Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act" and applicable state statues and regulations.
Description: Steenstra's Almond St. Claus Cookies have a very good unique flavor. They are known as Dutch Windmill Cookies. There are five different shapes that come off the cookie molder. They are Santa Claus on a horse, boy and girl, rooster, owl, and the windmill.
Ingredients: Wheat flour, brown sugar, partially hydrogenated Vegetable oil (soybean and cottonseed oil), sugar, natural sliced almonds, salt,
cinnamon, soda, cloves, nutmeg.
Contains: Tree Nuts and Wheat
Length 2.87 inches
Width 2.28 inches
Unit Weight 0.45 oz.
Case Dimension 14.75x10.5x5.63, .51 cuft.
Case Count 12 pkgs./case, 20 cookies/pkg.
Net Weight 9 oz./pkg, 6.75 lbs./case
Tie 12, High 6
Storage and
Shelf Life:
1. Store at 0 F or below up to six months.
2. Store at room temperature (70 F to 75 F) up to three months.
3. Partially used cases should be closed.
Kosher Status: Kashruth certification by the Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America.
Date: 08-24-06

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